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Itsuki Inoue is trapped in his apartment by a terrible typhoon. He is unable to contact anyone. The only thing he can do, is sleep.

So, in the meantime, he decides to explore his dreams in order to gather his thoughts. What could be inside his mind that doesn't feel right?

The doll hanging out of the window stares at the gray sky.

Will this typhoon ever stop?

You're not alone while exploring! Some NPCs wil give you items, known as effects. These effects may be purely cosmetic (such as changing your clothes) or pretty useful! Run, jump, break, catcall, or even make it rain! 24 effects make up the collection that you need to complete, in order to be able to unlock any of the three endings. But mind you, you'll need your best exploration skills, or else you might get lost in the strange nature of the dreaming world...

Witnessing special events or doing certain actions might result in accomplishing a feat. There are 32 feats in the game, the more you get, the more secrets you will unlock.

You can also take a break from dreaming by playing the platformer mini-game in Itsuki's computer, Zapnef.

The menu scheme has 8 available skins, two of which can be accessed from the beginning.

Finally, there's a new gameplay element: crystals! Collecting all of them will unlock the eighth menu scheme... and maybe something else.

Someday is a Yume Nikki-inspired fangame, started in 2012, and declared complete with its v0.09 in 2014. But now, its v0.10 is here! This version fixes some bugs in the previous one, apart from adding more content and new places to be explored, as well as improving some aspects of the game.

As of November 2019, v0.10+ has been released, with changes to Zapnef's instructions and the Crystals' entries, as well as minor improvements to the gameplay in some levels and a few fixed bugs.

Available in English, Spanish, Japanese and Korean (v0.10 for now)!

Updated 15 days ago
GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker
TagsDreams, Exploration, Fangame, RPG Maker, yume-nikki-fangame
Average sessionA few hours
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish; Castilian


Someday v0.10+ English
Someday v0.10+ Spanish
Someday v0.10+ Japanese (feat. Sakura and Sainibi)
Someday v0.10 Korean (by WavyUp)